Praia das Bicas / Rio da Prata Beach

Tourist Guide

Praia das Bicas, Sesimbra

The wooden staircase leading down to Praia das Bicas

Located to the south of the more famous Meco, by a campsite, this beach is reached via a long wooden staircase and also provides access to a more secluded nude beach called Rio da Prata.

Rio da Prata, Sesimbra

The northern side of Praia das Bicas is known as Rio da Prata, an official nude beach.

It has no lifeguard supervision, bars or restaurants, and remains rather wild. The sea always has strong waves, so you won’t find any swimmers, only sunbathers, mostly in their birthday suits, especially in the northern section and as you approach Rio da Prata. It’s an alternative to Meco, if you want to avoid tan lines and are looking for even more peace and quiet, and a beautiful landscape of ocher cliffs and pine trees. Don’t be surprised if you see people slathering themselves with mud -- many believe it’s a good moisturizer for the skin (it also acts as sunblock). They let it dry onto the skin and then rinse themselves in the ocean.

How to Get to Praia das Bicas and Rio da Prata

There’s no public transportation to Praia das Bicas, but it’s a 25-minute drive from Sesimbra and less than 10 minutes from Meco.
To reach the Rio da Prata nude beach, walk north (to the right at the end of the staircase leading to Praia das Bicas).
To get to Sesimbra from Lisbon and from there to this beach, cross 25 de Abril Bridge and follow highway A8 and then road N378 to Sesimbra (the total travel time between the two towns is about 40 minutes).

Hotels by Praia das Bicas and Rio da Prata


Campimeco by Campigir

The camping site by this beach has self-catering bungalows with private bathrooms, and outdoor pools. Obviously it isn’t luxurious accommodation, it’s for those on a budget, and who like to stay surrounded by nature.

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